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    By Andy Davis

    Out of the box, AutoCAD P&ID does not show the end connections on lines that are connected to items of equipment.


    The above pump symbol simply shows the lines connecting to the pump.

    However, it is a simple configuration task to add to equipment, or other engineering items, the same end connection symbols that are available for valves.

    In Project Setup, we simply have to add the List type PropertyEndConnections’ to the class of symbol that we want to show end connections and add the ‘:EndCode#’ suffix to the names of the appropriate attachment points in the P&ID block definition of the symbol.


    In the figure above, we add the EndConnections property to the Pumps class. We set it to a Selection List and create a new selection list with a single entry of Unspecified.

    Below, we can see the added property.


    We now edit the block definition for our example General Pump symbol.


    We add ‘:EndCode90’ to the name of attachment point 1 and ‘:EndCode270’ to the name of attachment point 2. This will ensure the correct orientation of end connection symbols.


    Once we have saved our changes to Project Setup, we are able to set the end connections of the lines connected to our pump. The end connections available are the same connections that we have available for our valves.





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