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    By John Flanagan


    In this blog we will look at ways to use the massing tool set to create a building model from an existing mass model. We can bring our massing model into a project and apply actual model geometry to it such as walls, floors, roofs and curtain systems. On the Ribbon, click the Massing & Site tab to access the Model by Face panel. Observe the buttons for the four objects that we can apply. In this blog we will concentrate on the Floor by Face tool.


    From the model by face panel select floor and then select the mass floor objects created earlier (see blog Mass Floors – 06/09/2019) and on the contextual part of the ribbon click Create Floor (in addition to measuring the actual area in square metres, it creates an actual floor slab from the mass floor).  You can select the type of floor prior to placement in the Type Selector at the top of the properties palette.     



    In effect what you are doing is skinning the mass with Building Maker tools. If you turn the visibility of the mass off you will only see the floor slabs.


    So now we can see that the Floor by Face tool converts a mass floor into a floor of the building model. Before you can use the Floor by Face tool, you must first select the mass and use the Mass Floors tool to create mass floors. This process was covered in a previous blog on the Cadline Community: Revit 2020 - Creating Mass Floors




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