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    By Dennis Collin

    A common question I have with Revit is ‘Why can’t I see ‘X’ in my view?’ The answer of course is quite involved and there are several things to investigate and check. Hiding objects in view is a popular method of editing a Revit view to provide the display required for easy editing or prior to placing on a sheet.

    Although the standard reveal hidden elements command is useful to unhide elements, it can be tedious when many objects are hidden this way. Using the graphical selection to revert to ‘by category’ display behaviour means all too often critical elements are missed.

    A useful add-in makes the reveal hidden items easier by showing a sorted list of the elements in a new window, allowing users to choose elements that you wish to unhide in the working view.


    Simply called, Unhide Elements in View, the add-in can be downloaded from the App store here:


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