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    By Martin Phelps

    A new feature to both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT is “Quick Measure”. This command allows the user to quickly display measurements by simply moving the crosshairs near to objects within the drawing. Line lengths, angles between lines, circle radii and distances between perpendicular lines can be displayed.

    Once the “Quick Measure” command has been selected, full screen “Orange Crosshairs” are displayed. By moving the “Crosshairs” near to an object, information about that object will be shown. Figure 1 shows the “Quick Measure” command been used to display the length of a line.


    The “Orange Crosshairs” start off as being full screen, but partially disappear when near the object. Figure 2 shows the displayed information when the cross hairs are between four lines that do not touch.


    If the lines join as shown in Figure 3, the angles between the lines are also displayed.


    If the lines are parallel as shown in figure 4, the distances between the lines is displayed.


    If lines are perpendicular, the right-angle indicator is displayed where the two lines join, as shown in Figure 5.