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    By John Flanagan



    This blog follows on from my previous blog on Cadline Community (Creating Mass Floors – 05/09/2019). All of the dimensional information for mass floors: Area, Exterior Surface Area, Perimeter and Volume can be easily recorded in a Mass Floor Schedule. Open the simple project of Mass Floors that you created in the previous blog. Next click the view tab on the ribbon and select Schedules and Quantities from the Schedule drop down menu.


    In the New Schedule dialogue box that opens, expand the Mass category and select Mass Floor and click OK.


    When the Schedule Properties dialogue box opens, insert the following fields and click OK.


    A Mass Floor Schedule that can be edited will open on-screen. In Schedule Properties click the Edit button next to Sorting/Grouping



    In the Schedule Properties dialogue box under Sorting/Grouping, Sort by: Level, tick Header and tick Grand Totals.


    You could further modify the appearance of your schedule by clicking the Edit button next to Formatting. Select Floor Area from the list of schedule fields on the left and select calculate totals on the right. Select Levels on the left and tick hidden fields on the right. Your schedule should now look like this.



    Knowing the area in square metres for each floor and the entire floor area for the entire building is very useful information to have in the early design stage of any building project. Masses give us an overall sense of the building form, but do not burden us unnecessarily with the specifics of construction. Remember in Revit it is always best to move from the general to the specific. Do not get bogged down with too much detail early in the design process.



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