Revit 2020 - Creating Mass Floors

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By John Flanagan



You can create a mass floor at each level defined in the project. Mass floors display graphically as a slice through the mass at a defined level. Follow the steps below to load a simple box shaped mass from the Revit Library.

  • Click the Massing & Site Tab on the ribbon and select the Place Mass tool from the Conceptual Mass panel.


  • Click the Yes option if the following message appears on-screen.


  • In the Metric Library scroll to the Mass category and load a box family into an open project.


  •  Select the mass in a 3D view and on the contectual part of the ribbon click Mass Floors. In the Mass Floors dialogue box select the levels to place floors.


When you select a mass floor, notice the dimensional information that appears for the 01-First Floor level mass floor.


Area of each mass floor, in square units. Use this information for rough cost estimates or determining usage ratios for the design.

Exterior surface area from the mass floor upward to the next mass floor. Use this information to create rough cost estimates for the exterior of the building based on square units.

Perimeter of each mass floor. Use this information to create rough cost estimates based on linear dimensions.

Volume of each mass floor, in cubic units. Use this information to estimate HVAC loads.

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