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    By Dennis Collin

    Whilst Revit room tools work well, there is a useful add-in that makes working with room objects and creating room drawings a little easier.


    When deleting rooms from a project they remain as redundant rooms, which can be annoying if not needed.


    This add-in removes any redundant rooms, it also can relocate the location point of a room back to the centre, as well as relocating room tags to the same point.



    The create views function is a nice utility, to create room finishes details. This command works like an enhanced callout function. The add-in will create floorplans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations and 3D views. View scale and naming modifications can be made as desired.


    The views are effectively duplicated without detailing, but tags and elements can easily be transferred or applied by conventional means. If working on larger projects, it would be useful to have some filtering options with room selection and perhaps permit the application of view templates. Nevertheless, these Room Tools are a welcome extra for anyone working with building interiors, saving time.


    The add-in is available for Revit 2017-2020 and can be downloaded from the App store here:


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