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    By Martin Phelps

    1. Using “Fence” with the “Trim” command.

    This is not new, but often over looked by many users and can be a useful productivity aid. Figure 1 shows three blue lines which will act as the cutting edges, the overlapping red lines are the objects to be trimmed.


    Initiate the “Trim” command, select the three blue lines as cutting edges, press enter to continue with the command, either type in “F” at the command line, right mouse click and from the menu select “Fence”, as shown in Figure 2.


    Or select “Fence” form the “Command Line” as shown in Figure 3.


    Draw a “Fence” over the “Lines” to be “Trimmed”, as shown in Figure 4.


    Press “Enter” to end the “Fence” selection option, press “Enter” again to end the command.

    2. Using “Fence” with the “Extend” command.

    This is basically the same as above, but this time the command being used is “Extend” and the blue lines are now the “Extend” boundary lines. Again select the blue lines first as shown in Figure 5.


    Press “Enter” to move on to the next part of the command, use one of the options above to select the “Fence” sub command and draw a “Fence” over the lines to be “Extended”, as shown in Figure 6.


    Note: - when placing the “Fence” lines they must be over the middle of the lines to extend in the direction of the boundary lines.

    Press “Enter” to end the “Fence”, again press “Enter” to complete the command.