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    By John van Rijn

    The shape of a Civil 3D corridor is made up of its assemblies.  Assemblies are built from separate components that we call "subassemblies". These "subassemblies" are the representations of lanes, pavements, sidewalks and curbs. 

    When a subassembly is added to the assembly, it is given a standard generic (sometimes identical) name, which makes it a challenge to keep them apart, especially when defining the corridor.

    For this reason, the subassembly is usually renamed by users. To simplify this process, we are looking at a way to eliminate this renaming process and assign logical names to subassembly, at the time of insertion.

    The function that enables this is a switch called "Subassembly Name Prompt", which can be found in the "Toolspace", tab "Settings", item subassembly.


    Once enabled, Civil 3D will ask users to enter a name each time a subassembly is added to the assembly.

    Simply add this setting to your template and you may never have to change the name of the components of a subassembly again!



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