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    By David Lewis

    The Layer isolation command is a function that allows users to control what is being displayed within their drawing and is very useful when working with multiple layers.

    As with most AutoCAD commands, within the command there are subcommands/settings.

    In the layer isolation command users can control how the non-isolated layers behave and how they are displayed i.e. Locked and Faded as in Fig 1 or not displaying and turned off as in Fig 2.


    To access these settings, type LAYISO into the command line.

    Choose [Settings] from the command line by typing S or left clicking the word [Settings]. (Fig 3)


    After selecting [Settings] the command line will present options for controlling how the non-isolated objects are to behave. Select the appropriate option from the command line (Fig 4).


    Having completed these steps, the non-isolated objects should behave as desired.



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