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    By John Flanagan



    The Drawing Grid icon is the first icon of the drafting aid tools listed on the status bar below the drawing canvas. By left clicking on this icon you can toggle the display of the drawing grid off and on.

    Grid Icon Location


    You can also toggle the drawing grid off and on by pressing the F7 Function Key.

    F7 Function Key


    Right click on the Grid icon to access the grid settings.


    Drafting Settings Dialogue Box                  


    In the Drafting Settings dialogue box, untick Display Grid beyond limits to see the boundary of your drawing limits. You can set the limits of the drawing grid by typing limits and following the prompts on the command line.

    Command Line Prompts to set Drawing Grid Limits



    In the Grid Settings dialogue box untick 2D model space to show a drafting grid with lines. Tick this box to show a drafting grid with dots.


    This later setting is very useful when you want to snap to grid intersections.

    Tip: Type Z enter, A enter to do a Zoom All to display the extents of your drawing area/grid. Double click on your mouse wheel to perform zoom extents to zoom to the extents of the drawing.