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    By Garry Stockton

    Material take-off schedules list the sub-components or materials of any Revit family. Material take-off schedules have all the functionality and characteristics of other schedule views, but they allow you to show more detail about the assembly of a component. Any material that is placed in a component within Revit can be scheduled.

    Click View tab (1), Create panel, Schedules drop-down (2), Material Take-off (3).


    In the New Material Take-off dialog, click a category for the material take-off schedule, and click OK.


    In the Material Take-off Properties dialog, for Available Fields, select the material attributes.

    Optionally, sort and group, or format the schedule.  Then, select Calculated Value.


    Once you have selected Calculated Value and set the following parameters (as shown below). Make sure you leave a space after each name in the formula, also after the colon.

    • Name: Total Cost of Square Metres
    • Discipline: Common
    • Type: Number
    • Formula: (Material: Area/ 1) * Material Cost


    Select OK.