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    By Dennis Collin


    A periodic spring clean is always a good thing to do not just with your apartment or house but also with computers and its residing software. AutoCAD is no exception to this, over time toolbars and interface elements can be moved and lost and whilst they can be individually reinstated it is sometimes nice and indeed quicker just to hit a proverbial ‘reset’ button.

    AutoCAD has for many years has had a Profiles function which enables settings to be saved to a variety of different options for specific drawing tasks or job roles.


    Accessed via the options dialogue, the profiles tab will permit users to switch between different profiles, delete, rename, import and export profiles to other workstations as well as resetting a current profile back to its ‘default’ state.


    Profiles are also employed with the AutoCAD ‘vertical’ toolsets packages. AutoCAD Architecture for example, has a few profiles set, to enable users to switch between Architectural mode or pure ‘vanilla’ AutoCAD.