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    By John Flanagan


    Moving a Wall in Revit with the Move Tool.

    In my previous blog we used the click and drag function to move a wall. In this blog we will repeat the process but instead of click and drag we will use the Move tool. First select an external wall and then click on the Move tool. With the move tool selected look at the options on the Options Bar. Uncheck the Disjoin option if necessary. The result is shown below. When the exterior wall is moved to the right a specified distance all of the attached walls stay connected to it.


    To move the wall independently as a free standing wall just click the disjoin tool.


    Move isn’t the only tool with disjoin functionality, try it with the Rotate tool. Select a wall, click the rotate tool and rotate the wall by 45 degrees with disjoin off/on. Note the differences.



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