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    By David Crowther


    QGIS 3.8 Zanzibar was released in August 2019 and the full change log can be viewed here:


    In the coming weeks I will be creating a number of useful FAQs based on many of these new features – so watch out for these!

    At first glance these are my favourite enhancements:

    • Drag and Drop Layers into Processing Tools
    • 3D Rendering Improvements
    • Improved North Arrows for Print Layouts
    • Order by in Expression
    • Floating display while editing
    • Vertex Editing
    • HTML and Background Colour for Widgets
    • Browse through features in an Attribute Table
    • Overlap Analysis – https://www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360002114857-QGIS-How-to-Perform-Overlap-Analysis
    • Generate Raster XYZ Tiles
    • Processing: Add X and Y Fields to a Layer
    • Processing: Join Attributes by Nearest
    • Browse Excel Sheets
    • QGIS Projects inside a GeoPackage File



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