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    By Dennis Collin

    Managing backup files can be a little tedious, as project folders if not carefully managed, can be easily overwhelmed with backup files not just of projects but also families and templates.


    The Backup file organiser gives some degree of control and when installed, every time a backup file is created by Revit it is automatically moved into a backup folder in the same directory.


    Once installed the Backup Organiser is in the Add-ins tab and can be easily configured to suit. Options include naming the backup directory, setting the number of backup files and configure which backup files are needed from the different filetypes.


    At the time of writing, this Add-in is only available up to the 2019 release of Revit, but hopefully a 2020 version will be released soon, as it makes folder maintenance so much easier. Perhaps this feature could be incorporated as a standard Revit feature in a future release.

    The add-in can be accessed from the App store here:


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