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    By Dennis Collin


    At the beginning of August, an AutoCAD update was released. Not only does this update addresses several issues on the latest copy of AutoCAD, it also brings extra functional improvements as well.

    Such improvements include:

    • Multileader Styles can now be checked with the AutoCAD Standards Checker.
    • The Blocks palette functionality has been improved with its drag and drop behaviours.
    • Text on Layer feature – sets a default layer for text and multi-line text objects with a TEXTLAYER system variable.
    • Improved compatibility with a wide range of 3d file formats including Rhino 3DM files.

    There are also many improved performance and stability tweaks on many features such as plotting, copy and paste, reference files, block editor and the new block palette.

    Once the update has been applied the software version should display as below:


    I would recommend applying this update as not only for its improved stability and reliability, but the new standards functionality and text on layer feature should be useful to any AutoCAD drawing office.



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