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    By Dennis Collin

    Managing a project with multiple linked models can be a real challenge. The out of the box tools provide no easy way to see if a linked model's Project Base Point coincides with your model's Project Base Point. But on the Apps store there is a useful add-in that will not only check on origin points, but also enable you to see a linked project's coordinates. Obviously project base points do not need to coincide, but if they are required to be in the same position, the plug-in will quickly show whether they are or not and can save time in checking multiple linked files.


    To use the add-in, just decide what origin you need to check. Choose either ‘Get linked Project Base Point’ or ‘Get linked survey point’ and then select the relevant linked file. Once this a done a label displays the Origin Type, shared coordinates, deviation to true north and adds a time stamp of the label’s creation for each linked file.

    The label is a detail group that does not update with a change in coordinates. However, to see the latest change, delete the label and run the command again.


    The add-in label can be checked against a tag reading in the main project which can serve as a project check that coordinates are correct and consistent for all models in a multi discipline project.

    This plug-in can be downloaded from the following link at the Autodesk App Store:


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