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    By Miles Nicholson

    BS EN ISO 5457 is the technical specification for technical product documentation, their sizes and the layout of drawing sheets. It is available from the BSI store:

    BS EN ISO 5457:1999+A1:2010 Technical product documentation. Sizes and layout of drawing sheets

    Whilst many customers and indeed other electrical CAD/CAE systems seem to prefer a column only reference system for their electrical drawings, this is not in accordance with the correct European standards of having a grid-reference system:


    Number of fields:


    The standard does state that the project and drawing descriptive annotation must be positioned in the lower right hand corner, but this recommendation doesn’t lend itself to electrical drawings so there is an element of adjusting the standard to suit the type of drawing that you are producing. You should also review BS EN 61082-1:2015 which is the standard for drawing practices and this will recommend that the project and descriptive annotation be positioned across the full width of the title border.

    BS EN 61082-1:2015 - Preparation of documents used in electrotechnology



    Whether you adopt a grid reference system, column only or line reference system (US standard), it is imperative that you spend time and effort in the aesthetics and the standards (whether documentation or electrical) so that you have not only consistency, but also quality of documentation.

    The following is a guide on how to create:

    AutoCAD Electrical - Title Borders, Cover Pages & Drawing Standards