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    The latest BIM 360 Docs Update delivers these highly-requested document control and collaboration capabilities:

    • Additional permission level, “View Only,” that allows viewing but not downloading
    • New permission management user experience
    • Support for file locking and unlocking in the Desktop Connector

    Introducing the New “View Only” Permission

    Autodesk has added a new permission level to BIM 360.  The new “View Only” permission provides greater control over project documents by allowing viewing while restricting the ability to download and use outside of the project collaboration environment.

    Permissions now available in BIM 360 Document Management:

    • View only
    • View and Download
    • Upload only
    • View + Download + Upload
    • View + Download + Upload + Edit
    • Folder Control

    Note that the new “View Only” is an additional permission level, and any project members with the previously-labelled “View” permission (that allowed download) will not experience any change in behaviour (but the permissions are now listed as “View/Download”).

    New Permission Management User Experience

    Autodesk has also completely redesigned the user experience for managing folder permissions.  This design provides greater visibility and control over the permissions granted to individual team members, roles and companies.  The features and benefits of this new design:

    • “Flyout” menu – this provides the ability to set folder permissions while maintaining visibility into the folder contents.
    • Expand Role and Company permission settings – provides the ability to see the individual users that have been granted permissions via Role and Company settings.
    • Filtering and sorting – provide the ability to view by permission level or type (user / role / company) to more easily review the permissions granted.
    • Search – provides the ability to search for an individual user and review the permissions that have been assigned.


    Improved Collaboration with Desktop Connector File Locking

    Autodesk has also added support for file locking and unlocking in Desktop Connector. This provides greater support for collaborative workflows using desktop applications such as AutoCAD and other authoring apps. Now desktop users can be confident in the status of documents managed in BIM 360 and can lock and unlock files while editing and saving a new version. Desktop users can also see the current locking status of a file (if it is locked and the user who locked it).

    Version of Desktop Connector is now available and can be downloaded from here.