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    By Dennis Collin

    In a previous blog, I showed how we can reset an objects’ position and orientation if they are inadvertently modified. Details of which can be found here: https://www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360002130538-3ds-Max-Moving-Objects-Accurately- However, prevention is better than a cure so do please read on.

    3ds Max can limit the selection of objects, so when in the final stages of presenting a model, at the placement of camera objects and lights stage, it is desirable to ‘lock-down’ geometry.  By doing this lights and cameras can be placed and repositioned without accidentally altering model geometry. This facility is known as the Selection Filter and works in the form of a drop-down list at the top of the screen below the drop-down menus.


    For example, if you choose lights from the list, you can select only lights with the selection tools. Other object classes do not react upon a mouse click. This is a good working practice and is an easy alternative to such methods as freezing objects.

    The default option is all elements can be selected, however other object classes can be selected as needed, including combination options like lights and cameras. This can be saved as a combo set and picked or adjusted as needed.


    If further selection control is needed Max can differentiate between different 3D geometry types such as boxes, spheres or Boolean, meaning Max will only permit the selection of certain object types which is very useful for the task of assigning materials in the latter stage of a project.



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