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    By Simon Taylor

    Once we have created our setup, we can then use an operation template to create toolpath operations. We do this by following the steps below: -

    • Right click on Setup and choose create from template, choose the operation template you want to use and left mouse click. See below: -


    • You should now have operation templates showing in feature tree on left hand side of screen, see below: -


    • From here we right click on operation and choose Edit and click Left Mouse Button. The only things that will need to be changed is picking geometry that needs to be machined and specifying top and bottom heights being used. Everything else will be the same as was previously used on original operation. Once those changes have been made click OK, part should now calculate and will be ready to be simulated to ensure toolpath looks correct.

    Once your happy with simulation you can now post process to create G-Code which you can run on your CNC Machine.



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