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    By Dennis Collin

    AutoCAD has had for many years a superb text editor within its text command. This powerful environment means that users can enjoy almost Microsoft Office like functionality in the placement of special notes and characters. A common selection of symbols are available with any additional symbols, acquired via the Windows Character Map facility.


    Revit’s text command is not quite so fully featured, although the full version does have a range of plug-in options which does close the functionality gap somewhat. Revit LT users however, do not have access to plug-ins or the API, but they can still make use of the Character Map utility to import special characters for title sheet logos, legends and keys.


    The process is identical for whichever program you happen to be using, whether using full AutoCAD, Revit or its LT siblings! Simply start the character map application, choose the required font and characters that you wish to import and copy them to clip board.

    Then switch to AutoCAD, Revit or any target Windows application and paste the characters into a text box with the characters displaying as expected.