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    By Ashley Rice

    Within Cyspace the selection for equipment is made from a range of manufacturers and creates a worse-case scenario output as seen below:


    The boiler ranges can be seen within the solutions tab by clicking on the ellipsis-button with the three dots to the right-hand-side of the equipment list.


    Once you are within the further information for the equipment list you can see the range of manufacturers within the database. Within this example it is Hoval, Hamworthy, MHS Boilers, Ygnis, Clyde and Remeha.

    Now we know the range of manufacturers within the software, we want to know the actual make and models the calculated output is made from, and to do this we need to right-click anywhere within the boilers space on the solution form as seen below and click the Manufactures Selection pop up.


    As you can see below, within this example Cyspace has based the output of a range of three boilers and also list the model of these within the dialog box on screen.




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