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    By John Flanagan



    The Blend tool blends 2 profiles (boundaries) together. For example, if you sketch a small rectangle and a larger rectangle on top of it, Revit blends the 2 shapes together to give a tapered solid form like a table or chair leg.

    Family Editor > Create Tab > Forms Panel > Blend Tool 

    Use the Generic Model rte. to create the geometry. Draw the framework of reference planes as shown and align and lock the geometry to the reference planes. The small rectangle 30 x 40mm represents the base of a tapered coffee table leg. Remember to set height constraints in properties as shown.


    Click finish and then select the Edit Top tool and create the second profile for the top of the leg – 40 x 50mm as shown. Revit_-_Create_Blend_-_3.JPG


    When you click finish again the two profiles are blended to a solid form.


    You can add a material if required. Cherry wood was selected for this example.