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    By Martin Phelps

    Walls can be drawn by simply picking points in the floor plan of the project. Once drawn the wall can be selected and the length changed by over typing.

    Length of the wall can also be changed by typing in an equation. All four major mathematical functions “Add”, “Minus”, “Multiply” and “Divide” and combinations of these can be used.

    Example 1.

    Increasing the wall length by a known value. Pick the wall, and select the temporary dimension text and type =3000+526 as shown in Figure 1.


    This results in the new length of the wall being 3526.

    Example 2.

    Decreasing the wall length, as above, but using a minus sign to reduce the wall length by a known amount, as shown in Figure 2.


    The length of the wall is now back to 3000.

    Example 3.

    “Multiplication” equations can also be used, as in Figure 3.


    The wall length is now 5000.

    Example 4.

    Finally, “Divide” can also be added to the equation as in Figure 4.


    The wall length is now 2400.



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