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    By Ashley Rice

    Within cymap you can route your water distribution in a couple of ways, either with a traditional method known as branched, or with a dedicated manifold with up to 10 connections.


    In the above view we can see that we have several unconnected draw offs placed on the floor plan.

    If we are going to route the services with a traditional branched method, we should insert a distribution pipe back from a draw off to the supply entry point.

    In the below example the supply is on the floor above all the draw offs are connected into the main run.


    However, as this blog suggests we can place manifolds to design and calculate a system up to 10 connections on each individual manifold. Simply select to insert a manifold, give it a description or let the software name and number consecutively. i.e. Manifold 1, Manifold 2. Etc.  


    In this example we have 6 hot water draw offs and 14 for the cold water so I am going to select 6 connections for the hot and a 10 and a 5-connection manifold for the cold as you need to assign one of the manifold connections to connect to another manifold. You then need to attach the manifolds on the end of an open pipe as seen below.


    Once you have placed the manifold on an open-ended pipe you can then route the pipes in one full length from each connection back towards the draw-off, as seen below, for a hot water manifold with the 6 relevant connections.

    To do this, click insert distribution pipe for the correct system then single click on the manifold connection, route the pipe and double click on the draw-off.

    Click on Display, Options and isolate the hot water system as seen below and for the remainder of this blog.



    Then, ‘Display’ and ‘Calculate’ the system to get pipe sizes, schedules and all results on that system.


    If you would like a free demonstration of this workflow or any other workflow within Cymap, I would be more than happy to help, please contact Ashley.rice@cadline.co.uk

    Thanks for reading.





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