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    By Nick Harris

    Autodesk is making some important changes to Autodesk Account, its online portal for managing your Autodesk Subscription. Behind the update is a programme to transition single user subscribers, previously known as stand-alone users, to a named user sign in authorisation process. New Autodesk single-user subscribers will have seen a preview of the changes, but now all single-user subscribers will get access by the end of the year.

    The named user authorisation process allows users to get instant access by signing in anywhere, from any device, and admins no longer need to waste time tracking serial numbers as they have had to in the past.

    The first change you will see is a much-improved user management interface. Inviting new users and assigning products has been streamlined.


    You can assign products to users from the user view by selecting the user and then choosing a product from the available subscriptions.


    Alternatively, from the product view you can assign users to products by selecting a product and then entering the user details.


    The email the user receives is personalised and has the contact details of the administrative contact so that the user can contact them with any questions they may have.


    Finally, there are now three roles. The Primary Admin role is the main point of contact for Autodesk Account. This person can take the same actions as a secondary admin. The Secondary Admin role can add users, change roles and assign access to products and cloud services. The User role can access assigned products and cloud services.


    If you have any questions about the new and improved Autodesk Account, please get in touch.






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