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    By Simon Taylor

    Once you have created all your toolpaths, you can create a setup sheet. This will contain some of the following information: -

    • Stock Size (Material Size)
    • Model Size
    • Number of Operations
    • Number of Tools Used
    • Tool Information (Size, Length, Maximum Z Length, No of Flutes, Feeds and Speeds)
    • Operation Information
    • Picture preview of component showing part datum and operation toolpaths

    This is a quick/accurate method for giving setter/operator part information.

    In order to create a setup sheet we need to do a couple of things:-

    • Click on the setup item in feature tree (Highlighted with red box below): -
    • Click on Setup Sheet on Cam Menu (Highlighted in black box below): -

    Once this has been done, the software will ask where the file needs to be saved (I would put it in the same folder as model/CNC G-Code). This will then create a Setup sheet for that machine setup.


    We have also created a video showing how to create a Setup Sheet in InventorCAM.