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    By Garry Stockton

    Did you know Navisworks can open almost all CAD file formats and many more file formats without having the Native applications installed on the machine? This can be very useful if you need to check the integrity of 3rd party files before you use them. 

    • Navisworks (nwd, nwf, nwc)
    • 3D Studio (3ds, prj)
    • PDS Design Review (dri)
    • ASCII laser (asc, txt)
    • CATIA (model, session, exp, dlv3, CATPart, CATProduct)
    • CIS/2 (stp)
    • Microstation Design (dgn, prp, prw)
    • DWF (dwf, dwfx, w2d)
    • Autodesk DWG/DXF (dwg, dxf)
    • Faro (fls, fws, iQscan, iQmod, iQwsp)
    • IFC (ifc)
    • IGES (igs, iges)
    • Inventor (ipt, iam, ipj)
    • JTOpen (jt)
    • Leica (pts, ptx)
    • Informatix MAN (man, cv7)
    • NX (prt)
    • Parasolid Binary (x_b)
    • Pro/Engineer (prt, asm, g, neu)
    • Autodesk ReCap (rcs, rcp)
    • Revit (rvt, rfa, rte)
    • Riegl (3dd)
    • PDMS RVM (rvm)
    • SAT (sat)
    • SketchUp (skp)
    • SolidWorks (prt, sldprt, asm, sldasm)
    • STEP (stp, step)
    • STL (stl)
    • VRML (wrl, wrz)
    • Z+F (zfc, zfs)

    Select the Application N – Open, then when Windows Explorer opens, pick File Formats to ensure you choose the correct format to open your file.




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