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    By David Crowther



    How can I resolve incorrect map icons in OS Mastermap?


    The Cadline GML Translator tool will import your OS Mastermap GZ tiles into your chosen spatial database – including PostGIS:


    In addition we also have White Papers detailing how to link QGIS to your OS Mastermap holding in a SQL database and styling it using the Ordnance Survey QML style files:


    However, once you have styled the data and possibly also correctly set your SVG paths to reference the OSMMSYMBOLS to show wooded areas:


    … you may still find that some of the symbols for TOPO Point such as Culverts and Sites of Heritage:


    ...as well as some of the CARTO Symbols such as Directions of Flow, Railway Switches and Bench Marks:


    ..are still not using the correct symbols.

    The reason for this issue is that you have not installed the OS Font Family, which means that the symbols cannot use the correct settings when using the Font Marker style.

    If the OS Font Family has not been installed, the feature won’t be able to use the correct Font Family and instead uses the default MS Shell DLg2 options:


    Instead we need to be able to use the OSMasterMap Font Family:

    QGIS___OS_Mastermap_SVG_Symbols_-_7.JPGThe simplest solution is to copy the OS Font Family file (OSMastermap.ttf) to the machine you are using and to install this font type.


    Your features will now be able to use the OS Font Family and style the maps icons as desired.


    If however you are unable to do this, you can also manually choose an SVG file to use instead of using a Font Marker.

    For example, if you choose to edit the Layer Properties for the TOPO Point layer and edit the Positioned NonConiferous Tree item, you will see that the feature is trying to use a Font Marker which is not available.


    Instead if you change the Symbol Layer Type from Font Marker to be SVG Marker, you can then choose the location of the OSMMSYMBOLS folder and find the SVG icon that represents that feature (tree).


    Now repeat this for each feature that could not be styled using the OS Font Family and you will have updated the features in your map that had rogue icon styles. You may need to tweak their size a little, but your map icons will definitely look better then before!













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