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    By James Philip

    The Quick Select command is another useful tool when correcting drawing anomalies as it allows objects to be selected by their object properties rather than just their layering settings. Once selected, these items can have their laying information collectively applied.

    In the following example, the text in the drawing file is not all on the same layer and we would like it to be. To launch the Quick Select command, right click in the drawing window and choose Quick Select from the context menu. See Fig 1.


    The following dialogue box appears, listing all the property information of the objects in the drawing file. See fig 2.


    From the Object Type list, choose Mtext and in the Operator choose Select All, but any of the properties could be selected and any of the Operator functions also. See Fig 3.


    Then select OK. All the Mtext is selected and the layer list is blank confirming the text items are on different layers See Fig 4.


    To add extra items to the selection set, follow the previous instructions to invoke the Quick Select command, however in the Object type, choose Multileader and the Operator is Select All. See Fig 5.


    To add these items to the previous selection set, ensure that the Append to Current Select Set is ticked. See Fig 6.


    The Multileader text is added to the previous selection and now can be transferred to the layer of your choosing. See Fig 7.