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    By James Philip

    BIM 360 Model Coordination uses inherent BIM object data to create meaningful groups of clash data. Format specific options for Revit (RVT), AutoCAD (DWG) and IFC, such as System Name, Layer and Type Name, greatly increase user efficiency when classifying and assigning clashes for action.

    Format Specific Grouping Options

    Based on the model format you choose to group clashes by, will determine which options you can further group by. This includes:

    Revit (RVT)

    Revit Options See fig1

    • Object
    • System Name
    • Type Name


    AutoCAD (DWG)

    AutoCAD options. See fig 2

    • Object
    • Layer



    IFC options see fig 3

    • Object
    • ifcSystem
    • Type Name


    Source  PaulW_ADSK