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By David Lewis


Given there are several steps that need to be completed before building a corridor in Civil 3D, it could be quite frustrating if you accidentally select the wrong parameters to build your corridor…. unless you know how to edit the corridor parameters.

Fortunately, there is no need to delete the corridor after it has been created. By changing the corridor parameters found in corridor properties you can choose to point the corridor components at different sets of data including horizontal and vertical baselines, assemblies and amongst other things can also redefine the start and end chainages of regions.


To edit corridor parameters, select the corridor to activate the contextual ribbon. When the ribbon changes select Corridor Properties (Fig 1).


This will open the Corridor Properties dialogue box. Select the Parameters Tab at the top right of the dialogue box (Fig 2) and then proceed to select the component to change.



In this example I will change the Vertical Baseline. Left click the current Vertical Baseline (identified with a purple rectangle in Fig 2). This will open a further dialogue box where you will be prompted to select the desired Profile for use (Fig 3). When you have selected your desired profile from the list, press OK to accept and then apply the changes.


The program will request the Corridor be rebuilt before the changes can take effect.

Select “Rebuild the corridor” (Fig 4) and the close the Corridor Properties dialogue box.






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