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    By Martin Phelps

    After creating a “Dormer” using “Slope Arrows” as shown in Figure 1.


    If there is a change to the design. This can be accomplished by editing the main “Roof Footprint”. For clarity, change the “Visual Style” to “Wireframe”. Select the roof, from the displayed context sensitive tab select “Edit Footprint”, the “Roof Footprint” is shown in Figure 2.


    The “Dormer” slope arrows can both be selected. Figure 3 shows both arrows selected and the available “Properties”.


    The “Constraints” of the “Dormer Roof”can be set either by “Slope” to specify the angle or by “Height at Tail” which is the default and is set to 3000 as shown in Figure 4.


    Figure 5 shows three “Dormers” the outer two have a slope of 45 degrees, and the middle one has a “Height of Tail” of 2500.