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    By Martin Phelps

    Once the “Dormer Cut” has been created in the main roof, should the dormer roof require a change of design, editing the “Cut” will depend on the method originally used to create the “Dormer” roofs. Figure 1 shows what appears to be two identical “Dormers”.


    However, the “Dormer” roof on the left was created using “Roof by Footprint” and the one on the right was created using “Roof by Extrusion”. Initially there appears to be no difference, until the roof is selected. Figure 2 shows the selected “Roof”, its available “Properties” and the “Edit Footprint” command in the ribbon.


    Note: - this “Roof” type displays the grips (two arrow heads) in the middle of the roof.  The main changeable “Property” is the “Slope”. If the “Slope” is changed, the “Dormer Cut will in most cases automatically updated.

    Figure 3 shows the selected “Extruded” roof again with its “Properties” and ribbon tools.


    Note: - the “Roof” dimensions in the method are also shown.

    With the “Roof” still highlighted, select “Edit Profile”, as shown in Figure 4.


    The “Roof Profile” can now be modified, as per Figure 5.


    Select the “Green” tick to confirm the edit, the main “Roof” doesn’t update, as shown in Figure 6.


    To modify the “Dormer Cut” to the new form, change the “Display Style” to “Wireframe” to aid clarity as shown in Figure 7.


    Select the “Dormer Cut”, and then select the “Edit Dormer Opening” from the ribbon, as shown in Figure 8.


    Edit the Dormer opening to reflect the roof modification as per Figure 9.


    Note: - the “Dormer Cut” has been left selected to show the modification

    Change the Visual Style back to “Shaded” to show the finished item as in Figure 10.