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    Within the last week Autodesk has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of Desktop Connector, which introduces comprehensive support for AutoCAD XREFs within BIM 360.  Now AutoCAD and Civil 3D users can more fully utilise BIM 360 for their integrated design and construction workflows.

    Project team members can securely exchange and publish their complete AutoCAD and Civil 3D design files with other project team members, who can access and collaborate using Desktop Connector, BIM 360 Document Management (web) and the BIM 360 mobile apps.

    New BIM 360 features included in Desktop Connector V.

    Collaborative Work in Progress:  Provides support for round trip workflows with AutoCAD XREFs between Desktop Connector users.

    Upload:  Dragging and dropping an AutoCAD file with XREFs to a Desktop Connector folder also uploads its children to BIM 360.  When uploading a file with referenced files that sit in folder(s) that do not exist in Docs, a new folder is created for references files.

    Opening Files:  Opening an AutoCAD file from Desktop Connector results in the download of its reference files.

    Downloading:  When downloading an AutoCAD file, its referenced files will also be downloaded.

    Viewing:  When viewing within AutoCAD or in BIM 360, the parent file’s resulting viewable is complete (with all referenced files).

    Get the latest version of Desktop Connector here: https://info.bim360.autodesk.com/desktop-connector