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    By Martin Phelps

    This isn’t new to Revit, but is often overlooked and available in most recent versions of the software. To join roofs, create both roofs. The roofs can be created using either “Roof by Extrusion” or “Roof by Footprint”, as shown in Figure 1.


    If the smaller of the roofs has been created using “Roof by Footprint”, the joining edge must have the slope angle removed, this can be accomplished by editing the “Roof Footprint”.

    Select the “Join / Unjoin Roof” command located in the “Modify” tab of the “Ribbon” menu, as shown in Figure 2.


    Select the edge of the smaller roof which is to be joined to the main roof, then select the face of the roof of the main roof which the smaller roof is to be joined to, as shown in Figure 3.


    The result in shown in Figure 4.


    This command will also work if the smaller roof extends into the larger roof, the “Join / Unjoin Roof” command will trim back and delete the section of roof no longer required.