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    By Miles Nicholson

    If an Autodesk® Inventor DWG™ is created that has shaded views, whilst the drawing will look great in Inventor:


    The drawing when opened using Autodesk® TrueView or AutoCAD® will look differently as the shaded views are created as 2D wireframe block references:


    When you plot the drawing, the plot preview will appear with edges around the shaded view 2D wireframe block references:


    In order that these edges don’t appear on the plot, in AutoCAD® double left click on the view and hover near the top centre where the Visual Style Controls are displayed:


    Left click on the view name and change to Realistic. Other visual styles will also achieve the same result e.g. Shaded, Shaded with edges.


    Repeat for any other shaded views within the DWG™.

    Now when you plot, the outer edges of the shaded view block references will not show: