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    By John Flanagan



    Here are a few useful tips to help you when annotating your Revit projects.

    Tip 1: When reviewing text in your projects, there may be some words that you want to switch from lower to upper case. Simply select the text and then click the All Caps tool from the ribbon or use Ctrl+Shift+A.


    Tip 2: Click the Annotate tab on the ribbon to see your text placement options. You can place text with or without leaders. There are three leader types: Straight, Segmented or Arced. After you have placed text you can select it and add or subtract leaders.


    Tip 3:  When placing dimensions you may want to move the dimension measurement number away from the dimension string. Simply select the dimension string and use the little blue bubble that appears in the centre of the dimension number and drag it to a more suitable position.


    When you drag the number an arced leader will be attached by default. You can change this to a line style leader in Edit Type properties. You can also define the shoulder or landing length on the dimension leader.


    I hope you find these tips useful when annotating your projects in Revit.




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