Cymap Wiring – The new ‘Notes’ function in Final Boards

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By David Wren

In previous versions of Cymap Wiring, it was only possible to find Ways in Final Boards where Notes had been added, by hovering the cursor over each Way in turn until the cursor changed to a ‘Note’ icon, as can be seen below.


In ‘Cymap Wiring 2019 Update 1’, a new method was introduced to highlight Noted Ways in Final Boards. Now an ‘N’ is displayed underneath all Noted Ways, as illustrated below. This makes it quicker and easier to identify all the Noted Ways in a board, instead of reviewing Ways individually. Additionally, notice that the ‘N’ is the same colour as the Phase type for the Noted Way.


As in previous versions of Wiring, when you are in the Way Entry dialog, where text has been added in 'Notes', the button is bold with an adjacent icon.


For further guidance and information, please refer to the Help (F1) when you are in the Way Entry dialog screen.

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