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    By John Flanagan



    During a recent training course, a delegate asked me how to create an opening in a structural element such as a column or beam. This can be achieved with the Opening by Face tool on the Ribbon. Use the following steps to cut an opening in a structural element.

    • On the ribbon, click Opening By Face.

    Structure tab > Opening panel > Revit_Structure_2020___Add_an_Opening_to_a_Structural_Framing_Component_-_2.PNG(By Face)
    Architecture tab > Opening panel > Revit_Structure_2020___Add_an_Opening_to_a_Structural_Framing_Component_-_3.PNG(By Face)

    • Select the desired plane of the member to which you want to add an opening (use the tab key to cycle planes).

         Selecting the Plane of a Beam


    • Using the Draw Panel sketching tool, sketch the opening on the central flange of the beam. Click the finish button to complete the cut.


    When you sketch an opening for a structural element using the rectangle option, you can specify a radius from the Options Bar which allows you to sketch rectangles with fillets. Try using some of the other draw tools to create openings in a structural element. Use the circle draw tool and the array tool to create several circular opening very quickly.


    Note: Curved beams are not valid hosts for beam openings.