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    By Miles Nicholson

    When your design is constantly changing, you can easily miss a source or destination arrow that is no longer linked. AutoCAD Electrical however, can easily report mis-matches across your project and the user can run a report that lists all the signal source and destinations used on the project drawing set. The exception report lists problem areas such as a destination signal with no source found or a source signal that does not tie to a destination. The report lists both source and destination arrows as well as standalone references.

    Select Report ribbon tab > Schematic panel

    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Easily_Locate_Wire_Source_Destination_Signal_Errors_-_1.png

    Choose the type of report you wish to display:


    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Easily_Locate_Wire_Source_Destination_Signal_Errors_-_3.png

    Select ¤ View Exception Report

    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Easily_Locate_Wire_Source_Destination_Signal_Errors_-_4.png

    Problems are then listed: