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    By Miles Nicholson

    Did you know you can compare the differences between your schematics and your layout drawings and then report on the potential issues?

    Select the Reports ribbon tab > AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Compare_The_Differences_Between_Your_Schematics_And_Layouts_-_1.png

    Select Component Exception

    You then have various selection options that you can choose dependent upon what you wish to report:


    Conditions for Report

    • Panel Item not on Schematic
      Lists the panel components that do not have related schematic components
    • Schematic Item not on Panels
      Lists the schematic components that do not have related panel components
    • Multiple Instances
      Lists the panel components that appear to be duplicates
    • Mismatch between Schematic and Panel
      Lists the data mismatches between the panel and schematic representations of a component

    Example report:


    You can easily navigate to the issue using AutoCAD_Electrical_2020___Compare_The_Differences_Between_Your_Schematics_And_Layouts_-_4.png



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