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    By Justin Doughty


    Autodesk provides Civil 3D in a large selection of languages, as well as region specific content. This gives a set of pre-configured content that uses the correct units, standards and wording for the given region, saving a lot of time for the Civil 3D user. To get all of these features for the UK and Ireland, there are 2 key parts that are needed:

    1. The UK Installation

    This is required so that Civil 3D displays the terminology we are used to. The easiest to recognise is “Junctions”:


    This can be downloaded from the Autodesk Account at https://manage.autodesk.com/

     When selecting the language to download, for 2020 make sure to select the “topically” named “European English”. For 2019 and previous years make sure to select “British English”.


    2. The UKIE Country Kit

    This contains the template and all content needed for working in the UK and Ireland. This can be downloaded from the Autodesk link below:

    Civil 3D Country Kits for United Kingdom & Ireland

    For 2020 this has also changed. This is now a simplified installer that no longer needs configuration of the installation.