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    By David Crowther


    In line with Cadline’s commitment to supporting the Open Source Geospatial community, our DynamicMaps team has recently upgraded our GML Translator tool to import OS Mastermap GML/GZ tiles into PostGIS database format.

    • GML Translator v2.3.0.0 – Now supports the import of MasterMap Schema 9 into your PostGIS database instance.


    • Desktop Compatible Tables – The import process will import all your OSMM GZ tiles into one master spatial table and also generate the Individual Topo and Carto tables which can then be used within your chosen desktop GIS.


    • Pre-Styled -  The GML Translator tool pre-styles your OS Mastermap holding so that desktop GIS users (e.g. QGIS) can simply connect to the PostGIS database and open pre-styled mapping without having to undertake complex and time consuming styling routines.



    If you are looking to make the move to Open Source Geospatial or are currently using unsupported import tools, why not consider the DynamicMaps GML Translator tool to process your OS Mastermap holding into a PostGIS database. The Cadline DynamicMaps Team is an Ordnance Survey partner and registered OSGeo Support Provider so you can be fully confident in your transition from proprietary to Open Source geospatial tools.




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