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    By Dennis Collin


    The recent release of Revit 2020 has many new improvements over previous versions. One such feature is the Path of Travel feature that marks a travel direction path that is useful for all kinds of drawings which need to show the time it takes to walk between two points in a building. The plotted path can be set to avoid obstructions such as walls and equipment yet will pass through doors.


    The command is located under the analyse tab. Simply click where you want the path to start and finish and Revit will route accordingly.


    By default, Revit will avoid furniture and other equipment categories. It will also ignore underlay, hidden and demolished objects. Additional categories can be configured in the analysis options dialogue as shown in the image below.


    Looking at the properties the length of the path and travel time is shown in the properties, these values tag and schedule as expected.


    There is also a reference From and To Room, however, no matter what options are set, including volume calculations and height offset computations stubbornly remain as ‘Not Available’. After a little discussion with Autodesk on the user forums, it was confirmed that this reporting feature wasn’t fully implemented yet but will be addressed in a future version or point release update. When it does I will communicate in a future blog. Nevertheless despite this limitation, the tool remains useful to evaluate and document strategies involving building evacuation.



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