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    By Martin Phelps

    With the introduction of AutoCAD 2020 there is another slight change to the user interface. This time, it’s the ribbon menu background. There is still the option of “Dark” and “Light” colour themes, which can be changed via the “Display” tab of the “Options” dialogue box. In AutoCAD 2019 the “Dark” option is set to dark grey as shown in Figure 1.


    The “Dark” option in 2020 is now dark blue as shown in Figure 2.


    This is designed to improve the clarity and crispness of the Ribbon Menu, which I think works.

    However, it may be useful if the user could have greater control to change the ribbon menu background, as with other areas of the AutoCAD interface, since users have different colour preferences.

    Also, by default in 2020, there are not so many icons displayed in the status bar. These can be added or removed to suit the user’s preferences. For more information see the previous blog “Controlling the Display of Icons in the Status Bar”.

    The 2019 status bar is shown in Figure 3.


    The 2020 status bar is shown in Figure 4.




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