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By James Philip

This is a situation many of us encounter, we have just created the perfect stair, but the Baluster leave a lot to be desired because of the default setting in type dialogue box. When explained we should get a better-looking result. The baluster on the stairs in Fig 1 has panels missing and the glass panels are at different heights, also the panel spacing isn’t uniform. This is not acceptable. We will edit the Baluster Type settings to get a better result.


Select the Baluster and choose the Edit Type button. See Fig 2.


The Type Properties dialogue box is displayed. Choose the Baluster Placement Edit Button. See Fig 3.


The edit Baluster Placement dialogue box now appears. We first edit the Justify to, Spread to Fit pattern. See Fig 4.


The result of this change of setting is shown in Fig 5.


I have created my own custom glass panel which I will now add to the baluster to change the spacing between the posts, but the most important thing is to make all the panels a uniform height. They differ because they are set to be offset from the host which would be fine if the stair angle was a uniform value, but because of the complex shape this is not the case. If we change the Base setting to Rail and then enter a negative offset, this ensures that our panel base setting is uniform. See Fig 6.


The finished baluster is a much more acceptable result. See Fig 7.




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