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    By David Crowther


    Following on from our How To Tip (below) which outlined how to access OS Zoomstack data via PostGIS and as a WMS from GeoServer:


    Here is an updated tip on using the newly released Style (SLD) files from the Ordnance Survey to re-style your OS Zoomstack WMS feeds.

    In February 2019 the OS announced that their OS Zoomstack data had been added to their Open Data portfolio and is available for download from here.



    In addition the online GitHub repository was updated with additional Style Files, including GeoServer SLDs for - Roads, Light, Night.


    If you download the GeoServer SLD style files you can then use these to create new STYLES in GeoServer.


    You can then create a new Group Layer in GeoServer and choose to point the individual layers at these new STYLE files.


    If you now preview this new Group Layer you will have another WMS feed for OS Zoomstack, but using a new Style e.g. Roads.

    We have added our OS Zoomstack GeoServer WMS Feeds to our webGIS – MapThat – available from the Liverpool WMS > Cadline GeoServer WMS Services Tree.

    Why not try it for yourself: TryMapThat